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Salt2LakeJigs features hand-made custom tied jigs using both natural hair and different new synthetics. Salt2LakeJigs uses high quality flash materials to create our jigs so fish can't just pass them up!

Rick, the Owner and Jig Artist, started tying trout flies as a kid in upstate New York to pay for his fishing equipment. Later he tied salt water flies while living in Florida.


Rick moved to North Carolina and he started taking fly patterns and putting them on jigs. He had success on bass, walleye and other fresh water fish.

Giving Back

Rick is now making these jigs for the public to enjoy!

Rick ties with the best materials. He has great attention to detail that is reflected in the quality of the products. The diversity of the patterns will catch a large variety of both salt and fresh water species no matter what the weather looks like!

Wishin' you were Fishin'?

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